Choir Members: Family By Choice!

Not All Families are Related by Blood : Mozart Redux
“It isn’t just the music that moves me. If a family is a group of people among whom more is unspoken than expressed, defined by all that doesn’t have to be explained, then this is my musical family.”

We’ve all probably heard the comment “too bad we can’t choose our own family members” or some similar sentiment.  Except, we DO choose our family members… what school we attend, what church community we adopt (or adopts us…) etc.  Where we invest our time, there resides our family.  And singing in a choir?  Well…. read on…

Thank you Beth for the article!

The Beauty of Artistic Community

Curator Magazine articles pop into my email box almost daily with interesting perspectives on a variety of subjects.  This morning “The Beauty of Americana” caught my eye.  The writer talks about folk music and the power of creating our art in community.  Have a look… it is worth the read.  ~jd

“If my theory is correct that it was the communal aspect of the creation of this album that makes it stand out, “Let There Be Beauty” is the quiet anthem of that sort of artistic community:

So, let there be beauty,
For beauty is good,
The made and the making
And the bliss understood.
So, let there be beauty,
For beauty is free,
Come swim in the waters,
Come drink from the stream.”