They’re Playin’ Our Song

Creative collaboration in the arts creates a rich, colorful tapestry of emotional, auditory and visual color. This past year I have asked singers and audience participants to send in songs that have been meaningful in their lives along with the stories behind what made that particular music so important.

Normally I sift through hundreds of pieces, looking for gems of text and sound that include various styles, moods, and tempos, representing a multi-faceted, diverse audience, all with the thread of a central theme that will hopefully coagulate into a concert experience with transformational potential.  For this concert, the song and text choices came from audience and singers, all of varied musical backgrounds. My contribution was only to weave them together to create a meaningful experience.

As I sat on the floor with about thirty unrelated pieces around me, I had
a moment of panic something that resembled: “Oh-my-gosh-what-have- I-done?… Did-you-lose-your-mind-Janine? … What-on-earth-is-going-to-hold-this-music-together???”

Then it dawned on me: It was story.

It is story that holds together relationships, story that creates family and community, story that defines us as human. It is the stories—the joy and pain of our lives—that congeal this eclectic selection of music into a moving, possibly transformative work.

Thank you for sharing a bit of yourselves, your hearts and your stories in this collaborative experience that, together, we have created for the concerts this season.

Who were you as you entered the concert venue? What was your experience? Who are you now?

“They’re Playin’ Our Song” — Concert Review